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Detroit Pistons | The Show: The Four Tops

Motown original, Abdul “Duke” Fakir, celebrated his 80th birthday with the rest of The Four Tops as they rocked the house during halftime of the Pistons’ game Saturday night.


  1. Ian Wysor Ian Wysor Post author | December 27, 2015

    second. great clip. first image of duke since turning 80. still looks great.

  2. King Hunt King Hunt Post author | December 27, 2015

    Pistons will continue their L streak until SVG decides to play Jennings… Horrible that he doesn't let him play, we have to suffer another 2 weeks. If we lose 2 more games we will be 12th or 13th in the East.

  3. Ian Wysor Ian Wysor Post author | January 6, 2016

    maybe Eddie Holland should join the group or have Lawrence sing lead.

  4. lobotimise aha lobotimise aha Post author | December 7, 2017

    very religious man Duke, if he didn't play baskettball he won't be in the group.

  5. Kevin D Kevin D Post author | April 6, 2018

    great to see Duke. Hate to say this but they are just a cover band now.

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